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Coquette Blue Thong with Clasps

The Blue Thong with Clasps is a gentleman's thong made from a blend of 71% polyester, 24% nylon, and 5% spandex. 

The construction of the thong is generally very good, with solid secure stitching and no loose threads to be found. The materials used in the thong, however, make it an exceedingly flimsy garment. The fabric in the front pouch is incredibly thin, to the point that you're afraid of snagging it with a fingernail in case it falls apart like a pair of tights, and if you hold it up to a light you can see straight through it. The elastic used in the straps is so weak that the thong can barely hold itself up unfortunately. It's the sort of piece that you could only ever wear in the bedroom, no matter how daring you were feeling, as it's just not strong enough for everyday use. 

The thong is generally quite comfortable to wear as the fabric does feel incredibly soft against the skin, and the band of material which sits between the buttocks is 1 3/4" wide, so it doesn't feel like getting a wedgie from a piece of floss. The only exception to this is the label in the back which sticks between the cleft of the buttocks and feels quite scratchy. 

The fit of the thong isn't that great, but it doesn't seem to be down to an issue of size but more the materials and construction. The pouch at the front is a nice size to accommodate everything, with neither an excess nor deficit of material. The problem is that the weight of the genitals in the pouch pulls the entire thong down, and the weak elastic in the straps is powerless to prevent this, rendering any attempts at adjustment futile. The underwear offers no support at all, and merely clings to the body while gravity determines the placement of all appendages. Because the pouch gets pulled down it sits quite low across the pubic bone and reveals a lot of pubic hair. Similarly at the back the underwear exhibits the results of it being pulled down, with a little butt-cleavage poking out if you're not careful. If you happen to become aroused whilst wearing the underwear then the whole situation only becomes worse, and you're liable to find the front of the thong being pulled down even lower. 

The silhouette of the thong isn't really the most flattering thing, but it can be improved if you allow the pouch to fall where it may, and then lower the straps around the waist in accordance. The pouch really does nothing to lift or shape the genitals, so don't expect to see an impressive bulge from the side. From the rear I have to say that the thong doesn't do a great deal to frame the buttocks, whatever degree of a backside you may have to speak of. 

As the name implies the thong does indeed have clasps, but not the sort of clasps that one might imagine. I was envisaging poppers, the quick release style that allow a garment to be whipped off rapidly during a striptease, but that isn't the case. On each side of the pouch is a fiddly little plastic clasp, similar to one which might be found at the back of a bikini top. To undo it one first has to grab onto both sides with either hand, then bend one piece by 90 degrees until it clicks, and finally lift one half of the clasp up vertically to fully unhook it. This then must be repeated on the other side. In less than half the time it takes to do that someone would only need to tug at the loose elastic and the underwear would fall down, achieving the same end. 

The thong looks different to how it does in the product photo as the entire garment is in actuality blue. None of the edging, nor the straps, are black as shown, rather they are made from the same material as the rest of the piece. 

The care instructions state that the underwear is to be hand-washed only, but they make no mention of whether it should be a hot wash or a cold wash. Similarly there is no mention of whether the underwear can be tumble-dried. 

The underwear came packaged in nothing more than a small polythene bag, which I was a little disappointed by, especially as less expensive pieces from brands such as Male Power come inside a nice presentation box.

You can buy this product from EdenFantasys:

Thong with side clasps and Zakk logo.

Male Power Cobra Print Jock Strap

The Cobra Print Jock Strap comes in two sizes, a S/M and a L/XL. I went for the S/M and it definitely leans more towards the medium end. The waistband fits comfortably around a 30" waist and doesn't cut in at all or even come close to creating the dreaded "muffin-top" look. I found that the elastic hadn't actually stretched much at all, and while there didn't seem to be any risk of it falling down it was only gripping ever so lightly. There's plenty of stretch in the waistband to accommodate larger people, but anyone with a smaller waist would probably find it too big. The straps around the buttocks are quite loose and don't really grip at all. They sit flush against the skin whilst standing, but if you bend over or sit down then they fall away from the body and simply hang there limply. Again, if you have larger thighs to match a larger waist then they'll be fine, but for smaller people they're not ideal.

The pouch at the front is made from a subtle cobra-print fabric. It's slightly shiny on the outside and will catch the light and appear to almost shimmer. The fabric feels quite thin but it's completely opaque and protects the modesty of the wearer. The pouch has a seam running down the front but it's not uncomfortable, or even really noticeable, and the whole fabric really feels quite soft against the skin. The cut of the pouch is a little narrow and doesn't follow the contours of the crease between where the thighs meet the body, but it's very spacious in the front so there's plenty of room for everything without it being too tight. I found that if you pull both the waistband and the leg straps taut at the back then the pouch does in fact change shape and take on a more figure-hugging appearance, like the product photo, so the garment is definitely going to be more flattering on people at the top end of the size range. The waistband itself is just a 1.25" thick strip of black elastic with the Male Power logo embossed into it, so it's quite discreet. The buttock straps are unusually thin for a jock strap, they're more like spaghetti straps at only 10mm thick, and they don't offer any lift or support to the region.

Even though jock straps are traditionally thought of as athletic garments clearly this one is just for decorative wear more than anything. It's quite fun to put on just for the novelty factor, even though the silhouette isn't the most flattering when it doesn't fit as well as it could. It's probably not something you'd use for everyday wear, but I did put it on and wear it around town while I was trying it out, and I found no problems.
The care instructions state that the underwear is to be both machine washed and tumble-dried on a cool setting, which may mean a special cycle just for your delicates if you're used to typically doing everything on hot.

The jock strap is made in the U.S.A. and to what seems to be a high standard: there are no loose threads nor problems with the fabric, so I'm pleased with the quality.

On the whole I think it's a nice garment, but I'm not a big fan of the in between sizes. I think had I been able to get it in a proper small then I would have been much more satisfied with the fit, and the overall appearance would have been improved. I'd recommend only buying it if you fit the upper limit of your given size range, otherwise you may be disappointed. 

You can buy the product from Lovehoney UK and Lovehoney USA.

Male Power Leopard Pouch Short

The Pouch Short is a low-cut "trunk" style of men's boxer brief, which is made from a 90% polyester 10% lycra blend.

The shorts are very comfortable to wear; the fabric feels incredibly soft, and it's also lovely and stretchy. The fit is nice and snug around the legs and the bum where you want it, but the elastic in the waistband is not overly tight, and does not dig in uncomfortably or create any hint of a "muffin-top" which is good, especially if you're looking to strip them off someone without a struggle. With this product you can buy the size that you normally would and feel confident that it will fit, whereas with other Male Power items I've reviewed I've wondered if I would have been better trying a medium instead of my usual small. At the front of the shorts is a special pouch to accommodate the genitalia. Because the material is quite soft and stretchy the pouch doesn't offer much in the way of support, and allows everything to hang freely, almost as though nothing is being worn. Men who typically wear briefs may dislike the lack of support, while men who typically wear boxers may prefer the free feeling. The pouch has a seam down the front of it, but it's not noticeable when you're wearing the shorts, as like everything else it's very soft and not scratchy at all. They're definitely the sort of shorts you could happily lounge around the house in, or wear as sleepwear, due to the level of comfort they provide.

The underwear creates a rather attractive silhouette on the wearer due to its figure-hugging nature. It clings to the cleft of the buttocks and shows each cheek separately defined, while at the front the pouch does much the same, creating a more revealing look than just a general bulge. If the wearer becomes aroused then things can become quite graphic as the stretchy fabric clings ever tighter in its attempt to constrain what's held within. The fabric is quite thin but it's not at all sheer, and will protect the modesty of anyone who might be concerned.

The fabric features a leopard print on the front and back, and on the inside as well as the out. It might not be the most en vogue of patterns at the moment, so unless you have an especial affinity for leopard then it can be good as a gag/novelty item, or just for role-playing some cheesy lothario from the Seventies. If you look carefully in the pattern then you can see that they've actually included the face of a leopard in several places throughout the print, which I thought was rather a nice touch.

The care instructions state that the underwear is to be machine washed separately on a gentle, cold water, cycle. This seems like a little bit of a hassle to go to, putting on an extra load of laundry just for one pair of underwear. Thankfully the underwear can be tumble dried on a low heat.

The shorts are made in China and to what seems to be a high standard: there are no loose threads nor problems with the fabric, so I'm pleased with the quality.

The underwear comes packaged in an attractive black cardboard box, which has the effect of making the underwear appear to be more expensive than it is. On the front of the box is a photo of a model wearing the garment, the same one as on the product page, along with the company logo and the name of the item. On the reverse are some photos of other products in the same range, including a thong, a jock strap, a pair of briefs, and a loin cloth all in the leopard pattern. The presentation is really nice, so if you wanted to wrap the box up and give it to someone as a surprise gift then that would work well.

You can buy the product from EdenFantasys:

Brown leopard pouch short by Male Power.

Male Power Mustang Bikini

The Mustang Bikini is quite a nice pair of men's briefs.

The briefs are made from a very fine mesh, which isn't apparent in the photos, and this creates the sheer look of the garment. As a result of this, if you have quite shortly trimmed pubic hair then it is likely to poke through the small holes in the mesh. The fabric isn't especially soft, and does feel synthetic to the touch, but I didn't find it uncomfortable to wear in any way. The design has a camouflage pattern on both the front and the back, made up of red, white, and black patches. Of these only the black areas are really see-through, and the other coloured sections hide ones modesty quite well, contrary to what the product image above suggests. The back portion is much more noticeably transparent than the front, with the cleft between the buttocks being the most obvious feature anyone will be able to make out.

The briefs are very low cut, and quite skimpy. The pouch of material at the front helps to shape the genitals into a nice bulge, for a rather flattering appearance. There's enough material there to accommodate any sudden increases in size which may occur within, so there's no need to worry about bursting out of them. The lack of material around the sides helps to show off the thighs, with only the thin waistband present there, so as not to obscure things too much.

In terms of size the underwear seemed a little small, especially when compared to well known underwear brands like Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein. The fit seemed good around the bum, but the waistband was a little tight and the elastic didn't seem that stretchy. The result is that they don't slip on and off that readily, and the squeeze of the waistband creates the appearance of a slight "muffin top" even on someone as skinny as I am. It may be worth buying one size larger than usual, just to avoid this.

Overall it's a fun pair of underwear, not something for everyday, but also not such a novelty that it would only be appropriate for the bedroom. If you're feeling adventurous then you could wear them out, or just get them to surprise a partner.

You can order a pair from EdenFantasys:

Mustang bikini by Male Power.


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